Friday, August 26, 2005

8 Winning Reasons To Get Your Child Involved in Golf.

Golf, isn’t just
for the retirees in plaid pants anymore. 

It’s cool.  Don’t
believe it?  Just ask Michael Jordan or NBA superstar Jason Kidd, Lance
Armstrong, Charles Barkley, Tiki Barber, Jerome Bettis, Brandi Chastain,
Bode Miller, the list goes on and on.  Not to mention,  Tiger Woods is
the epitome of cool. 
Besides being ultra
cool, golf is a fantastic sport that teaches your child valuable life
lessons and skills necessary for successful adulthood.

  1. Golf teaches

    As your child runs around the house with a complete lack of focus
    imagine them analyzing the course, their ball, and the best way to hit
    the ball into the hole.  Imagine their focus!  It’s a necessary skill
    for golf and for life.  Even better, imagine being able to send them
    out to practice!

  1. Golf teaches your
    child goal setting skills.

    Because it is a sport requires practice to improve, children lean that
    hard work and practice are necessary to improve.  Additionally, golf
    is quantifiable.  You improve by lessening your score or the number of
    shots it takes to get the ball into the hole.  The farther and more
    direct your shot, the better your score will be.  Children can
    practice improving their driving distance and their accuracy to lower
    their overall score. 

  1. Golf is excellent

    A round of golf, depending on the size of the course, can mean
    anywhere between a 4 and 8 mile hike and if you’re lugging your clubs
    around the course then there is strength training involved.  In fact,
    strength training is a part of many youth programs.  While it isn’t a
    robust, and aggressive sport it suits the personalities of many

  1. Golf teaches
    social skills and moral lessons.

    Golf gets your child involved in a sport, a social sport, whereby he
    or she is part of a team.  Additionally, golf has rules or etiquette
    and teaches your children some moral rights and wrongs.  For example,
    it’s occasionally very easy to fudge the numbers on a score card or to
    move the ball when no one is looking but even if your child does
    participate in this kind of behavior, they’ll soon learn that it
    doesn’t pay.  That they’re only cheating themselves. 

  1. Golf offers your
    child a mental challenge.

    It isn’t only a game of skill it is a game of strategy that encourages
    forethought and planning. 

  1. Golfing offers
    your child the chance to compete.

    Competition is a healthy and vital skill in the development of
    children into successful adults. 

  1. Golfing offers

    If your child is good and enjoys golf, his or her success could lead
    to college scholarships, new friends, a potential career, and a
    lifetime of joy with a sport that they love. 

  1. Golf provides
    fresh air and sunshine.

    Golf gives your child the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air
    and to enjoy nature. 
 Physical fitness
and sports are a vital part of the development of any child.  There are
so many opportunities for growth and development, for self awareness and
a developed awareness of others, of what it means to be part of a team.
Being part of a golf organization, or any team provides endless value to
your child.