Sunday, September 4, 2011

Judy Moody Hits the Big Screen TIME For Kids gives you a sneak peek of the thrilladelic movie about America's favorite third grader

Judy Moody, the character from the wildly popular series by author Megan McDonald, is hitting the big screen. Readers know Judy Moody as snarky, witty, loving and, yes, a smidge moody. On June 10, fans can see Judy and her little brother, Stink, in the movie Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Mega rare!

"It all started because I wanted to tell some funny stories about growing up with all of my sisters," says McDonald of the book series. "Fans will be so excited because they'll see Judy's whole world in the film."

What's the Story?

After school is let out, Judy (played by Jordana Beatty) gathers her friends and tells them her awesome summer plan for them all. To her dismay, her closest friends are leaving for other adventures, including a circus camp and a mysterious island. The one friend who stays behind with Judy is too scared to do any of the things Judy had planned, such as tight-roping across the river in the forest near her house. It looks like another boring summer for Judy Moody.

Judy is even more bummed when she finds out her parents are going to California and she has to stay home with her Aunt Opal. Lucky for Judy, Opal turns out to be the aunt every kid wishes to have. Like Judy, Aunt Opal can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure. She is a free spirit who comes up with fun activities for the kids and her to do, such as going to look for the mythical monster, "Bigfoot," in the woods.

Book vs. Movie

Author Megan McDonald wrote the movie's screenplay. Still, there are some differences between the movie and the books. In the books, Judy is a bit more sarcastic and quick to judge. In the movie, however, Judy is more dramatic than snarky or rude. She's much sweeter in the movie too. Another big difference between the movie and book series is Judy's brother, Stink. In the book, Stink is the boring little brother who gets in the way of a good time. In the movie, however, Stink is Judy's sidekick. He helps his sister whenever she needs it.

Parris Mosteller plays Stink in the movie. "As the movie started filming," Parris told TFK, "I helped to make the character's role even bigger by adding my own take to Stink's fun."

At a recent preview of Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer, audience member Clarice Mulvey, 9, gave the movie a big thumbs-up. "I really liked it!" she said. "It was so funny and I would recommend it to other kids."

Can Judy Moody fans expect a sequel? Says Parris, "I think the next movie should be called the Stink-quel!"

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