Sunday, February 19, 2012

Help students to Become Independent Readers

When teachers help students become independent readers and qualified, many people are turning guided reading philosophy. With the use of guided reading program, students learn and develop different skills gradually phonics, grammar and reading comprehension. Although the main features are generally consistent with a good book of philosophy, but also can be an effective method for older students who need help to improve. You can encourage skills such as data collection and research in these older students. If the guided reading philosophy is used for exercise, students learn the skills necessary to correctly read and enjoy activities for the rest of their lives.

What is the philosophy behind Guided reading ?

When you create a guided reading program together, since students are usually in smaller groups of four to six children. This group all read the same book and complete all tasks associated with them. It is important for the guided reading philosophy is that the book chosen by students of all in the group, which is why children are often divided into groups with similar learning needs. With young readers, the teacher often used images and picture books to help understanding. You can help solve sketch of understanding to develop. Another common approach is to establish the common combination of letters in a word that sounds, it helps the child to find. For example, the letter "a" and "" are typical pairs of children's books. It may be helpful for your child to read each sentence aloud, and try to use the word in context. In the philosophy of good reading, multiple techniques are encouraged to help children with all learning styles.

Teachers can also discuss ideas on how to predict what kind of book, based on things like the title or cover image. Children in the philosophy of guided reading group is asked to give the story and explain what they wanted, and the parties will not like. There are many other strategies that fit this type of program. For example, children may discuss solutions to problems that arise in the story or asked to predict what they think will happen next.

While this group of methods seem different, they fall within the guided reading philosophy and are designed to help students improve their reading comprehension. By learning these skills at an early age, they can enjoy independent reading. Parents need to know what strategies work best with their children and use them when reading together at home.

For the child to achieve academic success, must have good reading skills. In the philosophy of guided reading is an effective way to help your child improve their skills one step at a time. The better the child learns to read, the more effective it will be later in their education.

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